The Big One

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3″ shock absorbing bottom pad with 20″ shoulder height back pad

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Crash Pad: The Big One (Best Protection)

  • Shipped as a kit that is custom fit to your seat by trimming equal amounts from both sides of the Shock Absorbing Material; only takes 30 to 45 minutes. See Instructions tab.
  • 3” layered, Shock Absorbing Material Bottom Pad with a 20” Shoulder Height Full Back Pad.
  • Tough, adjustable, military/hospital grade, upholstery covering; unique Velcro flap design.
  • Fits all seats from 14″ to 18″ width without upholstery modification needed.
  • Bottom thickness can be easily altered from 3″ down to 1/2” as desired by removing 1/2″ layers.  Only do this if needed to maintain head clearance to the top of the roll cage.
  • Use the maximum Bottom Pad thickness as possible to achieve the best risk reduction; 3” is best, 2” is good, 1” is better than nothing.

The Shoulder Height Full Back Pad

The 20” Shoulder Height Back Pad serves the same function as the 8” Lumbar Back Pad but adds additional energy absorption and comfort in the thoracic spinal area. The added length of this 1” thick pad is primarily for comfort but it never hurts to have more Shock Absorbing Material between you and the rigid seat structure. The Full Back Pad consists of two 1/2” layers of Shock Absorbing Material. The lowest 8” should always be 1” thick.  Above that some drivers will transition from 1” down to 1/2″ thickness to avoid feeling like they are being pushed forward.  It is a personal preference.  We know of some drivers that will package the “extra” material and attach it to their seat in the rib support area.

Product Recommendations: Choose what fits you best but remember the thicker the Crash Pad, the more space and time to dissipate energy.
3” pad  > is best (will compress to  about 1 7/8″ with driver seated and belted – typical)
2” pad  > is good (will compress to about 1 3/8″ with driver seated and belted – typical)
1” pad  > is better than nothing (will compress to about 5/8″ with driver seated and belted – typical)
Nothing > is asking for trouble (nothing is only better than foam rubber)

Crash Pad helps reduce the risk of spinal injury and provides drivers comfort when racing, purchase The Big One today!

Weight 6.4 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 5 in

2 reviews for The Big One

  1. Brandon W.

    I’m glad I spent the money to help keep me safe and comfortable when racing. I recommended this product to my friend and he’s going to buy one too. Thank you for creating this product for racers everywhere.

  2. Scott

    This is the best seat cushion available anywhere. I ordered this for my 1966 Chevy II drag car. I was not sure how it would work because it has a fiberglass seat that is fitted into the chassis, but it fit perfectly without any modification. The cover was easy to install and the cushion made it the most comfortable and secure seat I have ever had.

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