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08 Lumbar & 20 Back Pad

Crash Pad is an innovative and effective seat insert used to help reduce spinal injuries in crashes for all race car drivers. Scroll down to learn more about Crash Pad or check out our analysis pages by clicking the button below.

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Made in USA

Each & every Crash Pad is handcrafted and made with high quality and attention to detail. We proudly manufacture ALL products in the United States.

The Main Problems

1. Neck and Spinal Injury can occur when the car lands wheels down on the frame bottom

2. Hard impact on the frame bottom during a crash compresses you into the seat bottom

In a crash, when there is a hard impact to the bottom of the frame, the driver is forced into the seat bottom. The tailbone of the driver's spine is firmly belted against the rigid seat bottom. The weight of the driver's head and helmet act like a pile driver on the rigidly seated spine; thus, compressing the spine. The short duration, high G-force impact can cause:

~ Compression fractures of vertebrae

~ Ruptured disks

~ Broken neck

~ Paralysis

~ Nerve damage

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Crash Pad Spine

The Solution

Crash Pad is a seat insert fully adaptable to any race car seat

Crash Pad Seat

Two things are needed to help reduce Spinal Impact Forces:

1. Compressible Material

The downward motion of the driver's body and spine must be slowed down during the impact. The material used within the Crash Pad works like a shock absorber. The material's resisting force remains the same throughout the compression of the material. In fact, the shock absorbing material used in Crash Pad was found to be BEST for Reducing the Risk of Spinal Injury by U.S. Military Testing.

2. Compressible Space

The driver's body needs room to slow its downward motion. The thickness of the Crash Pad provides critical compressible space needed to slow the driver's downward motion.


The combination of uniform resistance and compressible space reduces the "peak value" of the impact and spreads the forces over a longer period of time. The goal is to reduce the G-forces to a level below the threshold of injury.

Crash Pad is LESS expensive than a Crash Helmet, BUT just as important.

If you are a race car driver or know anyone who races, Crash Pad is for YOU

Crash Pad kits meet the needs of any race car driver from Quarter Midgets to Sprints to NASCAR & everything in between. Truck drivers and heavy equipment operators can realize benefits as well.  In addition, regular drivers that spend extended hours on the road can gain comfort. Check out what customers are saying on our testimonials page!

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U.S. Military tested, Crash Pad uses the BEST shock absorbing material available in the market

We select the best material for our products. We strive to provide safety, comfortability, and durability for all of our customers.

Check out material analysis to learn more about the shock absorbing material or click and read our analysis on Pour-in Foams.

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