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Crash Pad has helped hundreds of drivers worldwide protect against spinal injuries, here is what people are saying

Customer Testimonial


Sprint Car Driver

My brother was in a crash and now uses your product. Luckily, I didn’t have any crashes this year but I do feel more comfortable having it in my car. I would recommend your product to any driver. Dad has me wash it regularly. It looks as good as new afterwards. It is ready to use again next year unlike some materials that look bad after some use. 

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One track was full of holes and ruts. After the race was over one guy got out of his car and looked and felt like he had been smacked around with a baseball bat. He looked at the guy in the car next to him when he got out and he didn't look like he had been all smacked around.  The beat-up guy asked the fresh guy why he didn't look like he had been beat-up by the track. The fresh guy said, "oh, that's because I have a Crash Pad in my seat".  The beat up guy called me, asked him to find out more about this Crash Pad thing, and get him one!

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A Message to One of Our Dealers

Thank you to all who rang and who turned up last week. After a big crash I'd like to say thank you to Jason Donnelly from JDS (a dealer) for bringing to my attention the Crash Pad. Without it, I could have been hurt seriously like Roby Gorden at Premier Speedway. I have never been so comfortable in the car and my wife has never been more at ease with me in the car. This inexpensive cushion between your spine and seat is the way to go in a big crash. Thanks JDS.

5 Star Product Reviews 

Steve F - Great product, very comfortable and easy to install.

Weasel - A must have for safety, for driver safety and comfort.

Mayberry Motorsports - An inexpensive way for a driver to add extra safety. The product is easy to modify for your seat. Can modify and install in less than an hour.

Jason - Very comfortable and I am a believer in the product. Safety first.

Scott - This is the best seat cushion available anywhere. I ordered this for my 1966 Chevy II drag car. I was not sure how it would work because it has a fiberglass seat that is fitted into the chassis, but it fit perfectly without any modification. The cover was easy to install and the cushion made it the most comfortable and secure seat I have ever had. 


These 5-Star product reviews were from Speedway Motors, one of our dealers located in Nebraska. Thank you Steve, Weasel, Mayberry Motorsports, Jason, and Scott for taking the time to write a review. And thank you to so many more for using our product throughout the world. If you would like to be featured on our site as a testimonial or product review, reach out to us as [email protected]