Victory Lap

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3″ shock absorbing bottom pad with 8″ lumbar pad

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Crash Pad: Victory Lap (Best Value Option)

  • Shipped as a kit that is custom fit to your seat by trimming equal amounts from both sides of the Shock Absorbing Material; only takes 30 to 45 minutes. See Instructions tab.
  • 3” layered, Shock Absorbing Material Bottom Pad with an 8” tall Lumbar Back Pad.
  • Tough, adjustable, military/hospital grade, 4-way stretch upholstery covering; unique Velcro flap design.
  • Fits all seats from 14″ to 18″ width without upholstery modification needed.
  • Bottom thickness can be easily altered from 3″ down to 1/2” as desired by removing 1/2″ layers.  Only do this if needed to maintain head clearance to the top of the roll cage.
  • Use the maximum Bottom Pad thickness as possible to achieve the best risk reduction; 3” is best, 2” is good, 1” is better than nothing.

The Lumbar Support: Very important part of impact absorption!

  • This component is as important as the Bottom Crash Pad and is provided as part of the standard product.  In a nose down impact the driver’s body will rotate and submarine in the bottom of the seat, pushing the lumbar area into the seat back.  The Lumbar Back Pad provides the Shock Absorbing Material to allow this motion to occur with lowered risk of injury.  The Lumbar Back Pad also helps with the total spinal impact force absorption capability of the Crash Pad.
  • The Lumbar Back Pad provides a second critical function.  It is connected to the Bottom Pad with Velcro hook and loop, vertically, on TOP of the rear inch of the Bottom Pad.  This helps to assure that the spine/tailbone is forward on the Bottom Pad where it needs to be for impact energy distribution and absorption.
  • The Lumbar Back Pad also happens to make the seat more comfortable.

Product Recommendations: Choose what fits you best but remember the thicker the Crash Pad, the more space and time to dissipate energy.
3” pad  > is best (will compress to  about 1 7/8″ with driver seated and belted – typical)
2” pad  > is good (will compress to about 1 3/8″ with driver seated and belted – typical)
1” pad  > is better than nothing (will compress to about 5/8″ with driver seated and belted – typical)
Nothing > is asking for trouble (nothing is only better than foam rubber)

Crash Pad helps reduce the risk of spinal injury and provides drivers comfort when racing, purchase Victory Lap today!

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 5 in

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  1. Jeremy B.

    I was able to fit the 3″ bottom pad in my car and I would highly recommend it if you can spare the room in your car as well. It provides more protection than the 2″ pad and the lumbar back support was great too.

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