Crash Pad Origination Story

A Racing Career Turned Business Idea


Before diving into the story of how The Crash Pad originated, I would like to begin with a little background. PopPop Race Car is what I call him. Some people call their grandfather "grandpa", "pop pop", or some other unique name. PopPop Race Car originated when I was younger because I had three different grandfathers to differentiate from. I have no idea if it was one of my parents, my brothers, or me who came up with the name. I have a feeling it was my mom, daughter of my grandfather. The name has stuck over the years, PPRC for short.

My grandfather has been racing since he was 22 years old and is still not retired just yet. You can call him the Brett Favre of racing. He wins a SuperBowl, in this case a race, and is just not ready to hang up the cleats. Favre announced his retirement and reannounced his comeback to the game what felt like three or four times. Just as Favre did in his career, PPRC has amounted several wins over the years. The difference between the two is my grandfather has been racing for twice as long as Favre played football.

PopPop Race Car has been in the racing Crash Pad founder Denny Grossstratosphere for well over four decades, coming up on five decades soon. He has been racing sprint cars for twice as long as I have been alive, truly incredible if you sit back and think about. PPRC has quite the story of a prominent comeback in 2008 when he claimed victory at Lincoln Speedway. Check out the full post to learn more about the founder of the company by clicking this link: The Story of Crash Pad Founder: Denny Gross


A Few Years Later, the Idea came Alive...

Aside from racing, PopPop Race Car was an industrial engineer by trade, and also a skilled mechanic, welder, painter, and fabricator. A walking encyclopedia when it comes to cars and racing. As an engineer he observed a pain point concerning the safety of race car drivers: significant spinal injuries due to crashes. Enter original partner Dave, who had similar concerns. Dave performed countless hours of research and analysis to discover the right shock absorbing material. Together, with Dave's research to find the material and Denny's manufacturing experience, a solution called the Crash Pad was born.

Crash Pad is a unique seat insert adaptable to any type of race car seat. The product helps reduce the risk of spinal injuries by acting as a shock absorber during a frame bottom down crash. When people hear Crash Pad, we want them to think safety, comfort, and durability. Crash Pad is these three things and so much more. Check out all the benefits listed under our Basic Analysis Tab.

I explored the opportunity to reinvent the company in 2019 and here I am today writing the first blog post for the company. If you are interested in the product, I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about Crash Pad. I know I can count on The Crash Pad to keep my grandfather's back and neck safe and comfortable when competing and doing what he loves.  Are you a race car driver? Do you possibly know anyone who races? Please feel free to comment below, we look forward to hearing from you!